Thursday, May 20, 2010

Girl Talk Thursday: Bath time saves time!

Bathtime has always been a multi tasking phenomenon!

When Princess D was little I would shower while she napped. I would put her in the vibrating bouncer turn the bathroom lights off so that just the natural light would allow me to see. Princess D would fall fast asleep and I would get a long relaxing shower.

Then when D got a bit older she liked to sit in the bathroom eating her snack and watching a DVD while I took a shower before bedtime. While I was in the shower I would use her bathtub crayons to scribble out posts on the shower wall. (I did some of my best writing while in the shower).

Now that Princess D can barely sit still, my showers are too short to do any valuable thinking. (Have you noticed the decreased number of posts or the, um, quality of my writing ... no?) Her baths have gotten longer so that she can play while taking a bubble bath. So, I have learned to use her bathtime for me. Like right now ... I am wrighting this post while she is playing in the tub. I answer emails or IM with friends.

Once a week I like to give myself a mini manicure while Princess D is in the tub. My hands get a nice soaked in the soapy warm water while I get her situated. When she is playing in the water my nails are softened for filing and shaping, and my cutiles are easy to push and see what needs to be trimmed. By the time I am done she is ready to get out and my nails look good!

Now I just need to figure out how to give myself a mini pedicure during bath time ...