Saturday, June 5, 2010

NaBloPoMo - Day 5: Ten things that make me happy

I met the fabulous Mama Mary during last November's NaBloPoMo, but we bonded over Madonna while watching the Hope for Haiti telethon. A couple of weeks ago Princess D and I met up with her and her girls for an "in real life" play date. We all hit if off ... until she tagged me with this meme.

Just kidding! I actually thanked her for tagging me because I didn't know what I was going to write for today's post. I have a lot to be happy about now, so it was hard to narrow my list down to only these 10 things:

1. The tradition Princess D have when I drop her off at school. After I hug her goodbye we race to the window - her in the classroom and me outside. She always wins! Then we blow kisses to each other and pretend to catch them. We hold up our hands to sign "I love you".

2. My webcam and Skype. Without them my long distance relationship with The Boyfriend would be way harder. It makes such a difference when I wake up in the morning or before I go to bed to not only hear his voice, but to see his smile.

3. My Nikon D60 along with my 55-200mm and 85mm lenses. When Princess D was born I fell in love with photography. These three things were a major investment, but they took my photos to a whole new level. Every photo I take or see pushes me to do better.

4. Tea. A cup of hot Earl Grey with Very Vanilla Silk Soy Milk in the morning in my favorite Beehive Waxing Salon mug. A Starbucks shaken black iced tea with two pumps of sweetener in the afternoon. It is the fuel that keeps me going!

5. So You Think You Can Dance. There is no other show that makes me sublimely happy. When Summer TV is the suck I look forward every week to see which dancer will amaze me. I get to give you my amateur opinion and hope you will share yours with me. I can't wait to hear with the judges have to say, including Mary Murphy. The past two years my early prediction has been right. Let's see if I can predict again this year!

6. Getting hand written love letters or care packages filled with my favorite British biscuits and sweets from The Boyfriend.

shortbread and pigs

7. A glass (or two) of red wine. (I really don't need to elaborate on this one!)

8. My BlackBerry Tour. I can call internationally to talk to The Boyfriend. I can use it when I am in England to talk to everyone at home. I have GTalk and Yahoo IM constantly logged in, but the new version of BBM has a very cool groups feature. To make it even better, RIM finally released a Twitter app! I have become one of those people who is never without my smart phone ... even while sleeping.

9. Chocolate. Hotel Chocolat caramel chocolate or Godiva milk chocolate truffles are my favorites. But, honestly, I just love any chocolate!

10. My bed with crisp clean sheets and lots of pillows. The only thing that could put this higher on the list would be if The Boyfriend was in it too!

Now the part I hate most ... who am I going to tag? The first three are easy ... Just One Miss, City Cynic and Rewriting Kel. Let's see who else I make groan in pain with my TAG ...

Undomestic Diva

La Primera


The Real Becks



Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas

Will they take me up on the challenge? If they do I can add a #11 to my list above!