Sunday, June 6, 2010

NaBloPoMo - Day 6: I am a mom, and I am tired.

I love this time of year in San Diego. The sky is clear and blue. It's 11am and about 80°F, but sitting under the patio covering and the ocean breeze makes it feel like like 75°F. I am writing this post and taking pictures of the hummingbirds coming by for a drink out of the feeder. My dad is tending to his garden. My mom is in the kitchen cooking up something delicious. Princess D is busy in her sandbox. It is a perfect Sunday!

out on the patio

To be perfectly honest ... I wish I was still dozing off in bed!

Princess D got some strange 8 hour stomach bug last weekend so she had to come home from her grandparents house early. My X has been working out of town since Wednesday morning which means he missed his Wednesday night and entire weekend with her. I love my daughter more than life itself, but a day or night free to catch up on "non-mama" stuff is needed. There are some nights she likes to crawl into bed with me, so some night she just doesn't want to fall asleep unto 10pm. She is pretty good about sleeping until 7:30am, and sometimes she will "sleep in" until 8am!

No matter how exhausted I am I love being with her. Listening to her little voice while she is telling a story about the princess who lives in her sand castle. It's like she is telling me a bedtime story ... *yawn* ... maybe I could just take a little nap out here on the patio.