Friday, August 20, 2010

Mama got a face lift

I didn't really, but you might notice the new header above and slight changes to my layout.

A couple of months ago I asked my friend Joey if he could design a new business card for me. If I didn't slip one into your hand (or SWAG bag) at BlogHer '10 here is what he created ...

Gorgeous, right?!?! He is one talented and a totally rad guy. I got such great feedback on the business card design that I asked him to help me give my blog a little face lift!

I am still reworking the About Me page, but this new look is giving me some inspiration to write more. What do you think?


For the month of September only DeadMan Productions is running a promotion for business card design -- full design service and printing of cards on thick stock, glossy, front and back design. You can order 1,000 cards for $80.00 (plus shipping), or 500 for $60.00 (plus shipping). If you are interested send him an email at