Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SYTYCD Season 7 - Top 4 (plus a digression)

After getting up way too early to catch the Virgin America #partyplane out of LAX this morning, a 5+ hour flight to JFK, traffic through the uncomfortably humid city to finally arrive at my upper westside rental apartment, I was thrilled to be able to relax and watch So You Think You Can Dance 3 hours earlier than I usually would!

The top 4 Broadway performance actually showed how AdéChiké isn't at the same skill level as Lauren, Kent & Robert. Don't get me wrong ... he is good, but just not as good.

Lauren has matured so much on this show. Unlike when the season first started she now has the ability to get into her character so that she is "the dance" instead of dancing for an audience. I remember when All Star Kathryn was competing I would totally forget that she was the girl whose voice would turn into a chalk board grating squeak when she cried. She would take on the character, the performance and the story. Lauren has learned to lose herself like Kathryn does. The tango she performed with All Star Pasha was intense and beautiful. It was stunning to witness!

AdéChiké doing Afro Jazz should have been a very smart choice, but it didn't blow me away like some of the other Afro Jazz performances we have seen on this show. I didn't feel the exhuberance oozing from him. What Adam Shankman said was right about AdéChiké, it's like he thinking too much when he is performing. He has not gotten to the point that Lauren has.

I think Robert really should get more lessons in ballroom! He would do really well in that style. Tonight he connected with All Star Anya dancing the Viennese Waltz. He looked smooth on his feet and masculine. It was a good performance by him.

Hmmm ... Kent doing Disco was better than I thought it would be! Not the best Disco routine we have seen, but he really could have blown this.

Now, if you read my last post you would know that I am in New York to attend BlogHer '10. The added bonus of The Boyfriend meeting me here just made this weekend the perfect getaway from my daily "full time working mom" life. I couldn't have started my getaway better by watching my favorite show undisturbed ... unfortunately, I missed the next 3 performances because I had to deal with a crisis back in San Diego with my X. I am so not happy that I had to deal with his shenanigans while 2400 miles away. Seems like every time I go out of town he acts up just to make sure I am unhappy. Things had been getting better between us, but this has just set our co-parenting relationship back for me.

But, I digress. Enough about my X and back to what this post is really about ...

Kent's final performance with All Star Neil was incredible! I am so happy I didn't miss this one. These two dancers seem to have a spectacular connection ... like brothers. Travis Wall really is a brilliant choreographer. This was one of those magical combination of choreographers, dancers and music. What a way to end a show!

Considering I didn't see all of the performances tonight I am going to predict that AdéChiké will get cut tomorrow. Do you agree?