Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gone to the dog ... BlogHer '10 actually!

I adopted Chloe 2 weeks ago as a birthday gift for Princess D. In that short amount of time we have fallen completely in love with her big round eyes and floppy ears. She has turned our home into her den and the garden into her playground. Because of her we are watching a lot less TV because we are playing with her and we all laugh a lot more ... especially my daughter.

Chloe kisses

It is hard juggling a full time (and very demanding) job, parenting a princess, and maintaining long distance relationship. Then you layer on two blogs, guest posting and online social networking. For the next few months I am volunteering my time to be a team captain for my company's San Diego Start! Heart Walk team. I barely have time during the day to eat, but I try to make sure I get 7 hours of sleep.

And, then I got a puppy.

People who say having a puppy is like having a newborn are totally RIGHT. Housebreaking and crate training are going really well, but at night Chloe needs to go out every 2-4 hours. I remember nights when Princess D was a baby were I would fall asleep on the floor next to her toddler bed waiting for her to fall back asleep. I am right back to those days. After I take Chloe out to wee I lay back down next to her crate to help her to fall back to sleep. I wake up an hour later with the right side of my body numb and aching. When I wake up for work in the morning HATING my alarm clock all it takes is seeing that adorable face who is so excited to play with me before I take D to school and head into the office, and I totally forget how tired I am.

play time

So here I am ... spread entirely too thin and completely sleep deprived. My cure ... BlogHer '10 in New York! I am currently on the #partyplane with a bunch of my favorite crazy blogging ladies being distracted by gogo wifi. The Boyfriend will fly in tonight for out "kid free" vacation! It will be 5 days with my honey blog conferencing, drinking, networking and let's not forget some serious sleeping! I will miss my girls, but Mama needs some "me time"!