Saturday, October 23, 2010

San Diego "Staycation"

You have probably wondering where I have been. I actually didn't go anywhere! I was on a "staycation" while The Boyfriend and his little Terror came to visit from England. Even Miss, Anthony and The Kid came down for a couple of days.

The "family" on the USS Midway

Did I forget to mention that The Boyfriend brought his ex (Terror's mum) with him!

For the past year The Boyfriend and I have been trying to figure out how we can get us in the same country. I am unable to relocate Princess D to England, so that ruled Plan A out immediately. Plan B presented itself. The Boyfriend's ex mentioned that she wanted to move to the US. So we invited her to join us for the week. We figured that if we showed her the perfectly sunny and 75° San Diego she would WANT to move here immediately.

I took them to San Diego Zoo, the USS Midway and Disneyland. I took her shopping, fed her huge American food portions, and set her up with university and job interviews. What was even more important was showing her the sibling bond her son Terror and Princess D are developing.

Terror & Princess D

Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided that San Diego needed lots of rain. Typically this time of year we have Santa Ana winds causing brush fire warnings. This past week instead of hanging out at the beach in our swimsuits we wearing rain ponchos and boots.

We don't know if she will want to move here which is forcing us to start working on Plan C, but overall The Boyfriend, the kids and I had a wonderful time together.

Breakfast at Surf's Up Kitchen