Monday, November 15, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 11

I think the one compliment I get most is: "Wow! You don't look thirtysomething!" Most people think I am 10 years younger than I really am. This is one of the main reasons I stopped admitting the second number in my real age. Well, and that it makes it sound like thirtysomething is OLD!

I haven't found the Fountain of Youth, so I guess it is my Asian genes that keeps me looking young. Even my parents look 10 years younger than they really are. We have an olive complexion that tans easily no matter how much sunblock is applied. My skin is oily which sucked when I was a teenager, but is great at preventing wrinkles now!

Unfortunately, if you do look closely at my eyes you might be able to guess my real age. Due to eczema, crying, stress and laughing there are some fine lines starting to appear. As the "windows to my soul" they do tell my story, but I am hell bent on keeping people guessing and I don't ever want to get plastic surgery. So what do I do ...

Recently I started getting monthly facials again. Right out of university I developed adult acne and found the only solution was regular facials. My skin was healthy and almost flawless. Scars were disappearing and break outs became rare. I figured now facials could help with anti-aging and thanks to Transcend Day Spa's $59 Club facials are affordable!

My personal vice is lip gloss. I just can't help myself when I see a pretty color, but I only wear lip gloss going out ... which is only a couple of times a month. I swear by Smith's Rosebud Salve to keep my lips soft and supple every day.

I stick with Mary Kay TimeWise® 3-In-1 Cleanser. My face feels extra clean with the tiniest drop. A bottle will last over 3 months and it is only $18! I also love how the Mary Kay® Medium-Coverage Foundation feels like nothing on my skin. A tube of that stuff will last a full year! I recently met the super sweet Maegan who is now my go to consultant.

For my eyes, I have started using the Jan Marini Skin Research Age Intervention Eye Cream. It is expensive, but I use so little at a time I think a jar will last 6 months.

The one thing I have struggled with finding is the perfect moisturizer. I used to use Mary Kay which was good and affordable. Then I switched to a Jan Marini lotion which was great and some what expensive. I used to use Pevonia and loved it, but it isn't carried many places so I stopped using it. At the La Costa Spa Social I got a sample of the Pevonia Timeless Repair Cream and since I was out of moisturizer I figured I would try it out. My face has never felt better! Just the smallest drop felt like heaven on my skin. Even my makeup looked smoother! Then I saw the price tag ... $171! My heart is broken over the fact that I would need to take out a loan to afford the perfect moisturizer. So I am back to searching for the almost-perfect moisturizer with much lower price tag. Any suggestions?

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