Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 2

Thank goodness I can multi task considering how much I am willing to take on. In fact, I am sitting in the vets office because Chloe needs her rabies vaccination and to have a bump on her leg looked at while I am typing this post on memo pad on my Blackberry and answering work emails. (So please excuse the typos.)

When I was married you would often find me washing dishes while dinner is cooking and a load of laundry is going. I would entertain Princess D while she sat at my feet sorting out the Tupperware. And my laptop would be sitting on the table at arms reach if a work email came through that needed my attention.

Of course there are times when I need to keep my focus on one thing at a time, like when working with Princess D on her homework or putting her to bed, or while on a call with a client. My world is like an organized chaos and I love that I am able to manage my bad habit with a good one.

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