Monday, November 1, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 1

Yesterday I got an email from Miss and Anthony asking if I was going to participate in NaBloPoMo this year. My initial response was "ARE YOU CRAZY?" She knows I am already spread so thin between ...

  • my full time, very demanding job
  • Princess D's Kindergarten schedule, dance lessons, swim lessons and play dates
  • trying to find a way to remove the "long distance" from my relationship
  • volunteering as a room parent and school photographer for Princess D's elementary school
  • editing photos from the portrait I have been doing on the weekends Princess D is with her dad
  • training the puppy
  • writing on this blog, tweeting, updating Facebook, attending Social Media events
  • squeezing in some "me time" at Beehive or Transcend Spa
  • oh, and getting some sleep

Miss suggested that we do the 30 Days of Truth that has been going around the blog-o-sphere. The idea intrigued me and frightened me at the same time, but then I thought that this might be a great way to do some self discovery. Instead of just saying "NO WAY" my little fingers involuntarily typed "I will do it." After I sent my email I thought to myself that there is something totally wrong with me taking on another commitment that I don't have time for.

Then it dawned on me that Day 1 of Truth has just presented itself ... something you hate about yourself.

I am unable to say no to the majority of opportunities that are presented to me. Burning both ends and even on the sides is my MO. This bad habit happens in all aspects of my life. At work I will take on client after client until my boss realizes that I can't take on any more without self imploding. What makes it even harder is that I hate doing anything at least it is with 100% effort.

After analyzing why I developed this bad habit I realized it is because the hours when Princess D is with her dad and The Boyfriend is asleep become lonely and sad, so I fill my calendar or to do list up completely. I have tried to put a stop to this bad habit by saying "NO", but then if I am asked again in a very persuasive way I will more than likely respond with "Yeah, ok, sure." Just like I did with this writing / self discovery challenge.

So Day 1 is done. It is going to be another very busy month!

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