Wednesday, December 15, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Santas Everywhere

We have been to so many holiday events this month already and at every one of them there has been a Santa. I thought Princess D would be terribly confused by all of the different Santas, but she doesn't seem to care. She has told each of them what she wants for Christmas and believes so much that these Santas will let the REAL Santa know.

Westfield North County Shopping Mall
This is the Santa she has seen every year since she was born. I love that it is the same man and that his beard is real. I didn't get the normal "professional" photo taken because this was a spontaneous meeting. We had no idea that Santa was already at BEFORE Thanksgiving. But, Princess D wanted to tell him what was on her Christmas list and give him a hug.
Santa at Westfield North County Shopping Mall

Grand Del Mar
This photo was taken by the professional photographer at the resort's holiday open house. Princess D had found a Princess Ariel bracelet and gave it to Santa to return it to the little girl who had lost it because she knew that the little girl would be sad without it. After she told him what she wanted for Christmas and got her photo taken another mother asked her if she could talk to her daughter that was around the same age. The little girls was scared of Santa, so D told her that Santa was really nice then explain to Santa that the little girl wants to say hi ... from a distance. Santa told D "Thank you for being so helpful, sweetie!" She was moon that Santa called her "sweetie." He was a great Santa with a real beard.
Santa at The Grand Del Mar

Elementary Holiday Bazzar
This is a woman dressed up as Santa! Princess D could tell it was a woman and said that it was Mrs. Claus. She didn't even ask why Mrs. Claus has a beard, so I just went with it! Not sure why they didn't just dress her up like Mrs. Claus.
Santa at elementary school Holiday Bazaar

Balboa Park December Nights
This Santa looked so lonely sitting all by himself with no kids in line to meet him. I think he would have let Princess D talk to him all day if I let her.
December Nights in Balboa Park

Santa's Magical Village in San Marcos
This is another yearly event we attend. It is the same man playing Santa, but he doesn't have a real beard. The ushers kept the line moving like a well oiled machine. I opted to take the photo myself instead of having them taking it and having to pay $5 for a Polaroid.
Santa's Magical Village in San Marcos

We went to a Boomers! Holiday party and the kids had to go on a scavenger hunt to find Santa. It was so hot that day you could tell the man in the suit was not very comfortable. He kept readjusting his fake beard! It was a cute idea to have him sitting in a go-kart while the kids read him their wishlist.
Santa at Boomers! Holiday

California Adventure
Princess D couldn't remember all of the 4 items, so she sat there thinking, so Santa pretended that he was getting sleepy listening to her. It was quite cute and he was a great Santa indulging her. His costume was beautiful and they did his make up like he had frost bite from the winter air in the North Pole, but he had a fake beard.
Santa at California Adventure 2010

Just think, there are still 10 more days to go until Christmas Eve. How many more Santas could she see before then?