Monday, December 20, 2010

Bye bye Blackberry, hello Droid

About four years now I have been a very dedicated BlackBerry user. I started with a pretty pink Pearl. When The Boyfriend came into my life I upgraded to the Tour to made communication when I travel to Europe easy. I loved my BlackBerry and thought nothing could compare.

Then this year my beloved BlackBerry started doing very scary things. Software failures. Taking 30+ minutes to boot up. Freezing. None of these were good for my anxiety!

Enter Miss with a new Droid X. She has always shared my love for Blackberry, but then she made the switch and it got me thinking. Like any normal project manager I created my pros and cons list:

  • I don't play games or download music.
  • I do live by Google (mail, contacts, calendar, docs, IM).
  • I don't care for touch screens.
  • I prefer a QWERTY keyboard.
  • I use my phone for work and personal.

It was a really hard decision until Motorola introduced the Driod Pro! As soon as I could upgrade my account I made the switch ... Merry Christmas to me!

So far I am impressed! The multiple screens, all of the apps, easy synchronization. There are only a couple of things I am not crazy about: no lanyard loop and crappy ringtones. One I can easily fix with a download. The other ... guess I just have to learn to not drop my mobile!