Friday, December 17, 2010

All I want for Christmas ...

Recently a close friend of mine told me that she had hinted to her husband about what she wants for Christmas, but she wondered would be strange if she bought it for herself just in case. She would simply stash it away until after Christmas. Then if he got it for her she could simply return it, but if he didn't at least it could be a gift to herself.

This got me thinking ... all my adult life I have been financially independent. Even when I was married I was the breadwinner of the family and most of the time the sole financial support. If I had a soundtrack to my life one song on it would be "Independent Women" by Destiny's Child. The only financial support outside of my own income has come from my parents (but I am paying them back every penny).

If there is anything I really want/need I usually just buy it, so it makes giving me gifts a bit challenging. I don't really like giving hints because historically they are not heard causing frustration. There have been times I tweet something I want, but I don't mean for it to be a hint. My tweet is more of an announcement of "look what I am about to buy!" So the gifts I like to receive the things I would never purchase for myself or gifts that when someone sees something they think "that is SO Nic and I have to get it for her!" I don't care for gifts given out of obligation. Of course I am thankful for everything and anything I receive, but I believe that if you are going to give someone a gift thought, effort and uniqueness should be put into it.

The Boyfriend and I have talked about my view on cards. I prefer hand written letters than a store bought card. From kids I prefer drawings or hand made gifts just for me. It is the thought and effort that counts to me. I need to add that I really do LOVE getting holiday photo cards because these aren't cards that you just buy in a store. There is thought behind the photo(s) featured and effort to create the card. Plus it is just so much fun to see my friend's kid(s) change from year to year!

Do I sound picky and difficult ... maybe. So what would someone like me want for Christmas then? Hand made pictures or cards, photos to frame or pin up, or out of the major gift categories here is what I would really enjoy, but won't buy for myself:


A Johnny Cupcakes X Hello Kitty t-shirt. I love cupcakes! I love Hello Kitty (I am Asian afterall)! The reason why I would never buy this for myself is that I can't justify spending $40 on a t-shirt even if it is a limited edition!
So many people have Nikons now including my dad and my BFF Miss. Put them all on a table and it is hard to figure out which one belongs to who! But a unique camera strap from My Funky Camera would make that simple. And and extra long strap would make carrying my camera around so much easier. So why don't I just buy one? Because I would rather spend the money on a new lens!
I don't need any more jewelry, but my a friend of mine saw this and thought of me. She knows me so well! I would totally wear this to tweetups and conferences. It would be a fabulous conversation starter.
If you know me you know how much I love Disneyland. I am already an annual passholder, so a D23 membership would be a perfect for me.

So tell me, what are you hoping to find under the tree on Christmas morning? Or what did you give yourself?