Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Hangover

It has been over a week since I have written a post and there are only two words to explain why ...


Yup. I have been suffering from my own version of The Hangover. Minus the tiger, the naked Asian man, someone getting married to a stripper, stealing a cop car, and losing a member of our group. Ok, so my version is much more PG-13 rated, but it was a really fun girls weekend with lots of memories (and some which are very fuzzy)!

Last weekend I met up with 7 (out of 9) of my closest girl friends from university for a weekend in Sin City. We all flew in from different places in the US to live the high roller life sans kids & significant others for a few days.

The Strip

By bunking up we were able to splurged on a hotel suite that had the best view and marshmallow like beds! We ate incredible dinners out -- Holsteins at The Cosmopolitan and Union at Aria -- that didn't require us to do any cooking or cleaning up. Saturday we got pampered at the spa with massages, lying in hot tile beds, reclining in a salt room, and soaking in the hot tubs. Honestly, the best part of being there was just having cocktails with the girls I have been friends with for almost 18 years.


We have seen so much change in each other's lives. From leaving our parents' "nests" for the first time, turning 21, graduating, our first jobs, weddings, creating our own "nests", kids, a couple of divorces, death of parents, a few more kids ... but always ready to have a good laugh, always there to listen, always there to support. We know each other's strength and weaknesses ... and we love each other for them. It is a rare thing to find such a large group of girls that have this kind of pure friendship.

The highlight of the weekend was Saturday night at HAZE at the Aria.

HAZE strobe light

When we were younger we wouldn't mind being on the dance floor with the masses or elbowing our way up to the bar. Now we don't have the patience or energy, so we got ourselves a table with bottle service! It is the best way to go to a club like HAZE. You can hide away your purse in the drawers under the sofa, you have a server who makes sure your glass is never empty, you have security kicking undesirables out of our space and you can see over the crowd ... especially when there are surprise guests who show up like Wyclef Jean! Yup ... Mr. Haiti himself did an impromptu performance that night! After he hung out in the DJ booth and danced on the floor.

Wyclef Jean at HAZE

By 4am most of us were ready to head back up to the suite to order room service. Waking up a few hours later to get ready to head to the airport was torture. My body hasn't felt that exhausted in ages. My lungs were clogged up from all of the cigarette and cigar smoke from people in the club. My head felt like a ton of bricks.

It has taken me a week to recover and my lungs are still suffering, but I would like to do it all over again! I had so much fun with my girl friends living high roller style. We are a little older and have less energy, but we are so much more fabulous now!

In the words of one of the girls ... I love The Vegas!