Monday, February 7, 2011

100 day of Kindergarten

If you have (or had) a child in Kindergarten you will understand what a big deal the 100th day of school is. For this school year it is fast approaching and I am in shock that my little girl has been in Kindergarten for 100 days! Where did they all go?

To celebrate this day the kids have been asked to bring in a collection of 100 items. We started thinking what would be the perfect collection for Princess D ... pennies? seashells? stones? Then it dawned on me ... jewels!


There is a gift shop next to the Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland. Princess D likes to get a little bag full of the plastic jewels every once in a while so that she can bury them in her sandbox. I knew for sure we had to over 100 of these so I dug them out.

First, I had Princess D separate the jewels by color then count how many there were in each group. She located the matching marker color to write out the number. We mixed them all back up and I had her separate them again, this time by shape. She counted how many jewels were in each group. Then she drew the shape and wrote the number next to it. We created a little flip book and put the jewels in a jar for her to bring to school.

It was so much fun working on this project with her. Counting, colors, shapes, writing ... it taught so much in a fun and simple way! She is really proud of her collection and I am so proud of her. I can't wait for her to present it to her class. I love Kindergarten!

100 Collection