Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mama got her groove back!

Between the ages of 3-12 I took ballet, tap and jazz. When I entered high school I switched to hip hop and became captain of the dance team. I finished out high school as captain of the cheer team. I took a couple of jazz and ballroom dancing classes while in university. Since then nothing.

I love to dance! So, when Teresa mentioned taking a Hip Hop class at Carlsbad Performing Arts Academy you know I eagerly said "Count me in!" There was one thing I didn't think about when I signed up ... I am totally out of shape and old!

When I danced hip hop the moves were stuff like the Cabbage Patch, the Roger Rabbit, the Running Man, etc. We didn't have the booty or chest pop. Tonight when I stepped into that dance room what ever skillz I brought meant nothing. I was a blank slate and had to dust off my rhythm that had been sitting on the highest shelf for a while.

Theresa, Mary, Christina and I called in the baby sitters and joined a few teenager girls for a one hour hip hop dance lesson. We slided and glided, we popped and isolated, we stretched and bounced, and we giggled A LOT! But, when our instructor started teaching us a short routine to a JT song and it was ON! What ever ounce of energy we had left in us was sparked and we gave it our all to the very end.

When the hour was up we were dripping in sweat and our legs felt like jello. Hip Hop is an incredible workout. I will probably be sore for days. It was worth it and I will going back again next week for more!