Friday, March 25, 2011

Discounts + Fundraising ... shopping never felt so good!

There are so many coupon sites out there ... Groupon, Living Social, Circle Buzz, Juice in the City, Spaphile ... the list goes on and on. My email inbox is flooded daily with deals. I event created a Twitter list to help me keep track of any I want to share (you are welcome to follow it). Each of these sites gives you the chance to save a few bucks, but none of these sites gives you the change to also give back like KidsCause.

So what is KidsCause and why should you subscribe to their deals?

KidsCause is an organization that works with local businesses to provide discounts on exciting products and services while also improving the lives of children in local communities. 50% of KidsCause revenues from each and every deal goes to a different youth based non-profit every week. The non-profits include school foundations, non-profits, and other charities that provide kids of all ages with education, food, beds, homes, healthcare and other services. KidsCause’s main goal is to enrich and support the lives of our local kids.

What are you waiting for? Sign up to get the KidsCause Daily Deal Email! After you subscribe a confirmation email will be sent for you to verify your email address. You can also follow KidsCause on Twitter.