Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The captions next to my name in my school year book were: "The next Laker Girl" and "The next In Living Color Fly Girl". Huge compliments since I aspired to be either at the time! If you don't know, the Laker Girls and Fly Girls produced two well known divas:

Paula Abdul

Jennifer Lopez

So what the heck happened to me? I could hardly classify myself as a diva and even calling me a dancer is questionable now.

One of the last hip hop dance classes* I was at our instructor, DLuckie, choreographed a routine for us that was all about attitude. I was able to pick up the choreography easily, but when I watched myself in the mirror I looked totally wrong. Something was missing ... it was the "diva-ness". When I danced in school it more about hard core street attitude, not so much about "diva-tude," so I don't think I ever developed that skill.

So how does a thirtysomething mom channel the attitude and confidence of a diva? This is my next big challenge! I watch my 5 year old daughter who has more diva-sass in the rolling of her eyes than I do in the flip of my hair. When I told her she couldn't smile in her passport photo she asked if she could pose with her hands on her hips and a pout on her face. Diva! Guess I should start taking lessons from her before my next hip hop dance class ...

*This was not last night's class. This was class 4 weeks ago. I missed a week due to the flu. Then missed the next one because my flu turned into a double ear and sinus infection. Then missed again because of a company meeting that ran really late. Guess you can't call me a real time blogger either!