Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I tweeted. They listened.

When I was pregnant with Princess D I watched the movie Super Size Me and swore off eating McDonalds. My "strike" lasted 4 years until my daughter was introduced to Happy Meals. After swim lessons a plain cheeseburger and apples is an easy meal for her to eat on the car ride home.

A couple of weeks ago Princess D watching My Little Pony during a play date at a classmate's house. Now she is hooked on the show. Serendipitously, McDonald's was giving away a collection of 8 My Little Pony toys with their Happy Meals. I never thought I would be one of those moms that gets carried away over a Happy Meal toy collection, but I did.

I was smart enough to look up the toy collection so that could ask for a different pony every time we got a Happy Meal. Princess D never ended up with a duplicate pony, but there was one we didn't find before McDonald's changed toys ... Rainbow Dash. I checked eBay and Amazon and found nothing. So, I sent out a tweet and got a response from a member of the McDonald's Customer Satisfaction Twitter Team. Two weeks later Princess D got a package:

surprise package

Her My Little Pony collection is now complete! Thank you Katie and McDonalds for making my daughter smile and responding to a mom's tweet! You have made us loyal customers!

My Little Pony collection