Tuesday, April 5, 2011

England 2011 - Day 5

I love to check out new sights and try new things whenever I am in England. There is so much history here that you can discover something around almost every corner - ruins dating back to the Roman times, a graveyard where a famous author is buried, a statue representing a child's nursery rhyme, or a 16th century castle. I could never get sick of this country.

This is my 5th visit (including a 2.5 month stay) and since The Boyfriend and his son lives here I am beginning to feel like England is my second home. It is so rare that all four of us are together that we try to maximize the most of our time doing really creative activities to entertain and educate the kids while sightseeing. But, today we woke up to a very grey and rainy morning in Essex, so we decided to spend the day doing "normal" family type things.

First on the list was going to Tescos to pick up some things like water, toothbrushes and reusable bags. Then we took the kids to an indoor play area so they could run around. After a little over an hour of climbing, running and jumping they were hungry so we headed to McDonald's for lunch. There is nothing better to do on a rainy day than to see a movie. We grabbed some candy and headed to "the cinema" to see HOP. After the movie we did a little shopping at The Disney Store. The day ended with take out Chinese food at The Boyfriend's parents' house.

Even with the cold, damp weather; the frustration of the kids bickering at times; and my PMS today has been lovely because it was REAL LIFE. Something I wish was more often than a just few days a year.