Sunday, November 4, 2007

nablopomo day 4: can't live without ... Murad Soothing Lip Therapy

I have always had extremely sensitive skin, allergies and eczema. When I was going to high school the "in" lipstick was a very matte and had some kind of ingredient that I was apparently allergic to. So, ever since then my lips have been incredibly sensitive. If I change face products my lips get irritated and raw for months.

What's even worse is that I am a "lip stuff junky". Any gloss, chapstick or lip color I see that looks delicious I have to try, but I end up paying the price later. The only solution for me was petroleum jelly and no lipstick until my esthetician recommended Murad's Soothing Lip Therapy. That stuff works miracles!

I am still get suckered into a yummy looking lip gloss, but I know I have salvation in my pocket if I need it.

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