Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the welcome home gift

We made it home from Chicago without a flight delay or cancellation! If you haven't heard about the huge ice storm that hit the Midwest last night you should turn on the news! Our flight out of Midway Airport was so nerve wracking, but thank goodness we left when we did. We made it out just in time. If our flight was a couple hours later we would be sleeping at the airport.

We were so incredibly happy to home in the 60 degree weather, but what we were most excited about was seeing Little 'Ny. I had my parents bring her to the airport when we arrived, but with all of the excitement and build of up anxiety Little 'Ny threw up all over my parents and herself when they got to baggage claim. So, I pulled out the shirt I bought her so that she could wear something home.

When we got home I started getting out our souvenirs. Next thing I knew Hubs was running to the bathroom with Little 'Ny vomiting all over him. It was all over the couch, the floor, her new shirt and Hubs. She continued to throw up in the toilet for a little while. Once she felt better I took her upstairs for a shower with me.

After some much needed snuggling in Mommy & Daddy's bed Little 'Ny crashed out. Vacation is officially over ... welcome back to motherhood and reality! It is good to be home!


  1. Glad you made it back safely.

    My little one was sick with a similar illness a couple weeks ago. It was so hard.
    Definitely a welcome home and back to reality present!

  2. dude, what a welcome home ordeal! I am not good with vomit. Sounds like you handled it much better than I would have.