Friday, January 18, 2008

Gumball Goes to Work

I have joined in helping Gumball the Kitten take over the world. I just love this little guy that I don't even want to share him with Little 'Ny. I might have to pick up another one for her.

I love cats, but am horribly allergic to them. I can be in the same room as a cat. I can sit next to a cat. But, if that furry critter's dander gets on my face I am in trouble ... eyes begin to itch and water, nose gets stuffed up, throat swells ... it is bad.

Little 'Ny loves "titty tats" too, but due to Mommy's affliction the only cat she can have as a pet is her little bean bag cat, Pounce. Pounce has replaced her beloved Bunny. She takes this little bean bag cat every where she goes holding him by his tail. He goes to school with her in this little red bag she carries around. He goes to bed with her every night.

So, Pounce and Gumball it is ... at least we don't have to spend any money on kitty litter!

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