Sunday, January 20, 2008

the man room

Every Sunday Hubs goes to a friend's house The Charger Dome to watch Charger football. Little 'Ny and I spend this time apart from him usually at my parents house watching a movie on my parents big screen TV, sprawled out on their comfy sofa, with the heater hitting me just right, the only one screaming is my daughter and my Mom spoiling me with her great cooking. This is how I prefer to spend my Sundays.

With the Chargers in the playoffs Hubs asked that we at come to The Charger Dome for at least the first half of the game. I love my husband, I enjoy football, but I am not sure that I fit in at The Charger Dome. I can't be around cigarette smoke due to my asthma, so I can't hang out in the garage. The living room "The Man Room" seemed like a perfect place for me to have a beer and watch the game, but it has rules -- no women talk, no babies, no dolls and arts & crafts. So, I found myself hanging out with the kids mostly.

Little 'Ny has a good time there ... there are kids that she can play with, a cat and a dog for her to chase and plenty of snacks. What she doesn't like is the level of noise. Today she was sitting on the chair in "The Man Room" with her tiny little fingers shoved in her ears.

Well, after today's loss "The Man Room" will just be another living room ... until next season.

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  1. the man room lives every where girl! sometimes the man room can exist on the soccer field, where my man plays and wants me to watch...

    sometimes it is more fun to stay home and do my thing!

    thanks for sharing! CB