Monday, May 12, 2008

a luxurious weekend

Saturday morning I kissed Little 'Ny and Hubs bye bye and headed up to Laguna Beach to meet up with my girlfriends for a bachelorette spa day. It was Hubs' first full 24 hours all alone with Little 'Ny and my first time away from the two of them. About 15 minutes into the drive my cell phone rang. When I answered it I was greeted with Little 'Ny's adorable voice saying "Hi Mommy. I miss you. I love you." Then Hubs got on the phone and asked if I felt guilty after hearing that. I thought for a second and said "It has been almost 3 years of not having one break from either him or Little 'Ny ... did I feel guilty ... NOPE!" Of course I missed then, but the minute I pulled out of our drive way the stress melted away knowing what was in store for me that day.

A little more than an hour later I pulled into the drive way of the Surf & Sand Resort. I wish I had taken pictures of the lobby and my room, but if you look at the pictures on the website you will experience just how picturesque the hotel is. Every room is ocean front. The beds are heavenly and the room is decorated amazingly. The bathroom is stocked with Aveda products. The matron of honor had stocked the rooms with bottles of water, Trader Joe and Harry & David snacks, and champagne. Each guest received a goody bag filled to the brim with beauty products, chocolates and a Pottery Barn travel jewelry box.

All of the girls got together and carpooled down PCH to Spa Montage. I wish I had more pictures of the spa, but cameras were not really practical since you spent the time when you weren't getting a treatment in either the steam room, sauna, hot tub or by the pool.

My treatment wasn't until after lunch so I spent the morning trying out their recommendation of 15 minutes in the steam room, plunge into the cold pool, 15 minutes in the steam room, plunge into the cold pool, 15 minutes in the steam room, plunge into the cold pool. Talk about a shock to the system, but I felt amazing afterwards!

We all got together for lunch by the pool. The menu was amazing ... mahi mahi fish tacos, lobster club sandwich and of course CHAMPAGNE!

Spa Montage specializes in organic and holistic based treatments. When ever I go to the spa I always get a massage and facial, so this time I thought I would try something totally different.

Start with a cleansing and purifying mixture of warm ocean mud is applied to the entire body then you are wrapped up in cellophane and a heating blanket for about 20 minutes. Then you step into a contoured jet bathtub filled with warm water, rose petals and jasmine oil. During the soak you get neck, shoulder, and head massage. A warm mask applied to the scalp. After about 15 minutes in the most relaxing bath of your life you receive a unique exfoliating and nourishing citrus body scrub made of carrots and oranges. Then you rinse off in an outdoor private Kohler shower. You finish off with a 45 minute toning massage.

I felt like I had been baked, boiled, seasoned and tenderized ... AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This is how the "other people" enjoy life on a regular basis. No wonder they always look fabulous. I have never felt better and swear that I will return again next year.

Once we all finished our treatments and taken one last steam we headed back to the Surf & Sand Resort for a surprise lingerie party for the bride.

To end the night we headed over to Mozambique Restaurant for some delicious peri peri spiced dishes. I enjoyed a Pear Lychee Martini with dinner. Due to the spa day we were probably the most mellow bachelorette party, but we did close down the restaurant!

The next morning I headed home. I was greeted with by Little 'Ny who ran to me, threw her arms around neck and said "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!" Hubs cleaned the kitchen (but the rest of the house looked like a tornado hit it) and a dozen peach roses (Little 'Ny picked them out). Mother's Day lunch was served at my inlaws' house.

It was an amazing weekend!

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  1. Wow... what an amazing way to kick off mother's day!! Sounds great. I've got to get to a spa!

  2. Well that was a wonderful time for you and the place was amazing