Thursday, May 15, 2008

wordless wednesday: swim lessons part deux

with her teacher from last year*

with her new teacher*

*Sorry for the grainy photos. They were taken from my cell phone.

Little 'Ny has been nervous about going back to swim lessons -- it has been 6 months since her last lessons. But this morning I turned on the Today Show and this was on:

After seeing that Little 'Ny was actually excited about her lesson today despite the nerves. She did shed a few tears, but overall she did great today considering the much larger facility/pool and a new teacher. She will be going under water and doing her "polar bear" stroke in no time!

Thumbs Up


  1. i think its a good one to teach kids to swim early.. back in the days.. or back in my days.. they just toss us in the river.. hahaha.. but i learned to swim at such an early age, i think around 3..

    happy wordless wednesday

    mine is up at Designs By Vhiel

  2. great to see a mom-daughter tandem enjoying a recreation together!! nice thursday!!

  3. :-)
    Swim lessons are the best!!