Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vanity (part 2)

My mom was Assistant Vice President of a bank when I was born. By time I turned 5 she realized that I was spending more time with my nanny and at daycare than I was with her. So, she got her cosmetology license and started hair styling. By the time I turned 10 she bought a salon around the corner from our house. This gave her a flexible schedule and me an after school job once I became old enough to help around the shop. I was her guinea pig. I got my first perm when I was 5 ... the curls fell out in about 5 hours. My hair has been bleached, purple, red, blue, all shades of brown, permed, straight, high lighted, low lighted, bobbed, layered, and shagged. I think the only thing I my mom has never done to my hair is given me a boy cut.

When I moved to San Francisco I delivered the news to my mom that I was going to start seeing another hair stylist. It was a really hard decision, but it marked my new found independence. I loved the stylist I had there. She was the kind I could say "Do whatever you want" and I would walk out of the salon two hours later looking fabulous.

Since I have lived down here I have bounced around from stylist to stylist and occasionally had my mom give me a trim. Since finances have been a challenge the past few years my hair has not been kept up. Early this year I participated in Hair Thursday. That was the last time I got my hair cut and colored. It has been 6 months and my roots were looking pretty bad. Bad enough my mom asked me a couple of weeks ago when I was going to get my hair done and offered to pay for it as a Christmas present.

So, today I saw the stylist that consistently did the best cuts and colors for me. I left my hair long with layers, but got rid of the bangs. I decided to get rid of the crazy blond and red high lights and returned to my natural color:

my new 'do

I did get some rock star blond and caramel peek-a-boo highlights to give my hair some movement and so that when I pull my hair back you can see them:

peek-a-boo highlights

This style will be much less maintenance so that it will be ok if I don't see my stylist for another 6 months. What do you think?

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  1. Your hair is SO shiny. Gah. I love the cut, it looks so healthy and easy and of course, foxy. (the shirt also adds to the fox status)

  2. One lesson I learned, many times it is best not to do immediate family (the women especially). It was money spent well. You look great and hope it gives you a much needed lift.

  3. You look marvelous. I am so happy to see the whole face, as opposed to the 'eyes only' from your last post - even though the shot was great and the eyes ARE GORGEOUS!

    You look GREAT!

  4. Is that your Mom commenting? So sweet. I love long healthy hair. Love.

  5. It looks lovely! I like it! I rarely make it back for my hair any more than 6 months, either. My husband actually gets his hair cut WAY MORE (like every other week), but he has to...MILITARY. Yay. I tried regular allover highlights once and was surprised by the cost and how often I'd have to keep them up! WHOA! Money!

    I love your hair and your solution with the peek a boo highlights...nice!

  6. The cut and the color looks fabulous!! Always beautiful!

  7. You look GREAT.. but you already know I thought that because I stalked you on flickr.. hehehe

  8. You're as pretty as ever! It's hard to take care of ourselves when we're taking care of everyone else. Good for you!

  9. Looks great!! I love the peek a boo highlights :)

  10. I'm a sucker for dark hair. LOVE the updated look!

    The brows are quite nice as well. Feels good doesn't it?

    I need to cash in on a gift certificate soon. I'm in major need.