Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SYTYCD Season 5 Episode 3

Last week I was surprised at which guy the judges let go. I really liked Max especially from his performance. There is a new pair tonight, so let's see how tonight goes ...

REMINDER: This is just my personal, non-professional opinion made BEFORE the judges give their comments and I don't alter what I write after they give their comments.

Karla & Jonathan - I like her and tonight she didn't disappoint. This dance style suits her even though I feel like she can really do any style she really works at. I really didn't notice him other than the acrobatics he did, so he obviously didn't impress me.

Asuka & Vitolio - I didn't really enjoy this routine in general. It felt slow and like they were concentrating too much. Between the two of them he was the much stronger dancer. Not my favorite.

Melissa & Ade - One slight mistake, but still quite sultry HAWT. Their lines were amazing! There was one trick that was very cool! I really enjoyed it!

Janette & Brandon - There is a rocker thing going on tonight. I loved this routine! It was a very cool combination of style and I thought they danced it really really well! It was believable and in sync. So far my favorite routine of the night.

Kayla & Kupono - This girl is flawless and luminescent. She is a beautiful dancer too! I believe this style showed his lack of training. She was very smooth and he really wasn't. As a pair I think they are mismatched in training and technique.

Randi & Evan - That are so sugary sweet, but this really brought out a sultry side to them. I was quite hypnotized by this routine. I wouldn't say it was my favorite of Mia Michaels' routines, but the movements were so unique along with the music it was really hard not to enjoy it. I thought they danced it well, but had a few missteps and lost their synchronization at one point. Overall for me it was good.

Kaitlyn & Jason - Did anyone watching this get reminded of Princess Leia? Not sure if it was because they were not wearing red, but they seemed to get lost in the light. Compared to the music the dancing was not as grandiose. I have seen better Paso Dobles on this show, but this wasn't bad.

Janine & Phillip - Did you hold your breath when he jumped the couch? She was excellent in this! I think Broadway is where she needs to be. I would have like to see him let go more. It was clear that he was out of his element, but it was a fun routine.



  1. Melissa and Ade are by far my favorite couple overall. I really hope one of them wins.

    Kayla and Kupono's dance was very graceful, especially her, like you said, but I loved the song. I want to find it on iTunes.

    Randi and Evan were fabulous. That reminded me of the "modern" dancing of the 40's. Like in the middle of Singing In The Rain... Did you ever see that, where they "imagine" a "modern" dance? That is what they reminded me of. I loved it. They ended up being my favorites for the night.

    I found it funny that Janine and Phillip used a song from Singing In The Rain after I totally just thought that about Randi and Evan.

    I was typing this comment as I watched on my DVR. :) You are not the only live blogger.

  2. pretty much in agreement on all fronts. i was a jazz dancer in the 80's as a kid so the ashuka performance left me feeling a loss. there was just not enough "jazz energy" to it like there should have been.
    as for mia michael's in my eyes she can do no wrong. my dream would be to take just one dance class from her.

  3. Yes, Leia definitely came to mind when I saw their routine! I like Randi & Evan the best, aside from her cuteness, they are fun.

    OMG, did I just comment on a SYTYCD post? My girls love it and force me to watch it. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. They voted for 8 but I liked 6!

  4. bwaaaahahahahaha

    I got hockeymandad to watch SYTYCD and then he actually COMMENTED on a post about it.

    Oh happy day.

    My opinion: Karla & Jonathan are totally going home.