Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkins & Nuts

This weekend I took Princess D to Bates Nut Farm to get a pumpkin from their pumpkin patch. This weekend was their scarecrow contest and art faire. It was a gorgeous fall day and we got their early to avoid the crowd.

pumpkin patch

This farm has every size and type of pumpkin you can imagine. Princess D loved balancing on the giant pumpkins, using the fairytale pumpkins as stairs, checking out the different kinds of gourds, and gathering as many little pumpkins as her arms could hold.

stack of pumpkins

I had a great time taking photos. The weather was simply gorgeous -- cool in the morning and sunny in the afternoon. There were so many booths and animals to take photos of. My mom and I did some shopping for nuts and pumpkin pie at the farm's market. We finished up with a picnic while listening to music by a local country band.

Did I mention we have a new goldfish! It was one of those game booths where you toss a ping pong ball in a cup of water. Delaney was trying, I was trying, my dad was trying ... and in one simple toss my mom won a goldfish. Princess D has named him Hagrid (yes, we are still working with the Harry Potter theme) and he now resides in my bedroom since he can't live with the guppies.

It was a lovely day at the farm. We headed home with Hagrid the goldfish and a car load of pumpkins. Now, I can't wait to make jack-o-lanterns!

different kinds of pumpkins