Saturday, November 14, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 14: 100 Random Things About Me: Not Just Excuses

Random things have happened to me. Really random. Random enough that one of my dearest friends used some of them if she was late or missed class when we were in university. None of the things that happen to me are horrible, just random. Here are the top 5 most random incidences:

85) I have been bit by a boa constrictor. It happened while I was in university during a fraternity/sorority competition. It was in the wee hours of the morning after a night drinking. One of the frat guys invited a bunch of us over. He had a HUGE boa constrictor. I was never really afraid of snakes so I volunteered to hold it. Its tail was at my left hand, it wrapped around my neck and the head was at my right hand. When people started coming in to party it got freaked out and bit my forearm. It wouldn't let go and had to be pried off. It left teeth in my arm and I was bleeding. My friend thought I should call Poison Control just to make sure everything would be ok. When the poison control help asked me what kind of snake it was I answered with "a pet." Yes, I was that drunk. They clarified their question and I gave the answer they were looking for. I was advised to squeeze as much blood and teeth out and to just watch for infection. The next morning I woke up with about 10 band aids trying to cover the bite marks on my swollen arm. I have not touched a snake since then.

86) My car has flooded. I was living in South Mission Beach my last two years at university. One night there was a heavy rain and the storm drains down at the beach are not equip to handle that kind of downpour. My car was parked along a curb that is on a slant. When I went to get my car in the morning to head to class I found the passenger side of my car completely flooded. I missed class that morning because I was scooping water out of my car.

87) Dijon curry chicken gives me hives. My senior year at university I was home sick with bronchitis. I had just started on my meds and was feeling better. One of my roommates decided to cook a nice dinner. It was delicious! But, at 1am I woke up head to toe in hives. Not a typical blotchy red, itch hives. What I had was in a rose configured hive. Steroids was added to my list of prescriptions. I haven't eaten Dijon curry chicken since then!

88) I have fallen out of a bus ... TWICE. The first time was when I was studying in London. My roommate and I were on one of those fabulously red doubledecker buses going to Piccadilly Circus. The bus didn't stop where we thought it would so she told me to jump. And, I did. Enough said. The second time was when I was living in San Francisco. I was taking the bus home from work. The heel of my boot got caught on the step and I tumbled face first onto the sidewalk. At least the bus was stopped this time!

89) I fall asleep sitting next to my daughter's bed while waiting for her to fall asleep. The best one was when I woke up with my entire right leg (from hip to foot) was dead asleep. When I stood up to go to bed I fell over and had to lie there for 20 minutes until the feeling came back. It was the worst case of pins and needles I have ever felt! She now has a full size mattress, so if I do fall asleep at least I am already lying down.

Let's see if you use them for anything!