Sunday, November 15, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 15: An Organized Life

This past week has been particularly challenging for me. Not only was I catching up from a few days off from work, but I have been very sick. My work email inbox stayed around 60 new emails no matter how fast I was answering them. This weekend my To Do List was two pages long. I figured one day I would spend catching up on work and another day catching up on real life ... and trying to nap in between.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling rough still, but determination took over and I accomplished the following without the need of a nap:
  • cleaning out my 2 personal email inboxes
  • organizing my new portable file folder
  • building out my budget for 2010
  • editing 200 photos
The one thing I forgot to do today was write a creative post. My left brain clearly took over for most of the day, but I feel so much better. Less chaos and a clear path for the new year. (Just need to get through the rest of this one!)