Monday, November 2, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 2: 100 Random Things About Me: Favorite Things About Fall

Oops! I guess I forgot to finish my list. Sorry about that.

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons. You might think "San Diego has seasons?" Well, sort of. Let me explain ...

80) Falling back. I don't really like Daylight Savings. I don't particularly care about waking up when it is still dark out. But, who can complain with getting one extra hour of sleep?

81) The clothes. Wearing cozy sweaters, scarves, hats, boots. Its also the colors for the season that make Fall fashion fabulous ... rich purples, wine reds, chocolate browns. These colors are great with my olive skin tone. I got myself the warmest purple slipper boots that never want to take off. And, you should see the adorable kids clothes Princess D gets to wear, like:

purple corduroy jumper
(excuse the chipmunk cheeks ... she had just taken a big bite of bagel)

82) Leaves changing colors. Yes, we have those here. They are not EVERYWHERE which makes them stand out when you do see one. I love seeing a tree that is covered in green, yellow, burnt orange and red leaves. Mother Nature is an artist!

83) Crispy air. I like the temperature outside to be 75°F, but I really do enjoy cold nights and chilly mornings. Burrowing under the covers or curling up in a warm blanket. The feel of a cold pillow on my cheek.

84) The food. Soup. Thanksgiving. Apple and pumpkin pies. Drinking hot tea or cocoa (or a glass of wine) to warm me up from the inside out. Mmmm...

pumpkin, custard, chocolate

What is your favorite season?