Monday, April 25, 2011

Feathered Friends

Last week I wrote about health, so this week I am going to write about vanity!

Recently, the gorgeous San Diego Momma called me "rock star" because of my feather extensions. As flattered as I was, she is totally off base! I am the opposite of "rock star" when it comes to fashion and life style. The word I would use to describe myself would be "basic." It is little things like feather extensions that I love to help make me a little less "basic."

I had my first feather extension put in at the San Diego MOMfia Blow Dry Boot Camp at Detour Salon. I chose a bright blue cluster of feathers to that it would stand out in contrast to my hair color, but it was a bit buried. When I went back to Detour Salon for my hair cut I had my stylist, Kristin, move the feathers to a more visible location and add another bunch of pink and yellow feathers. Later that day, at the the Spaphile launch party feather extensions were being done for free! I just had to get a red and tan cluster of feathers put in.

feathered and curled

When Frugal Queen said she wanted to turn her "MOM-do into a WOW-do" you can bet I suggested she get a feather extension and referred her to Kristin at Detour. She made her appointment, and she now looks "rock star WOW!" This past weekend I took Princess D and Miss to get feathered at Detour Salon too ...

I got Princess D feathered today at #Detours

And I got @JustOneMiss feathered too at #Detours

Clearly, I am a HUGE fan of the feather extensions! You can wash the, blow dry them and curl them. Get them put in correctly and they don't have to be adjusted for months. You can get loud colors so they stand out, or subtle colors to just give your "do" a little bit of pop. Have them put in a bit buried if you need to hide them at times, or let them show. Whatever you choose ... ROCK THEM!