Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ritual Cleanse - Day 3 (that didn't happen ...)

When going to bed last night I spiked a fever. It came out of now where. Throughout the night I couldn't get warm or comfortable enough to fall into a deep enough sleep. The times I did doze off I would wake up soaked in a cold sweat. By the morning I was a wreck and still had a low grade fever. My body was so exhausted that I physically couldn't get out of bed.

Thank gawd for my parents! My mom got Princess D ready for school and my dad drove me to the doctor. The doctor said that the cleanse was not the problem. The problem was another sinus infection that was draining into my lungs, and I got dehydrated from the cold sweats. After she gave me fluids and antibiotics then sent me home to rest. I spent most of the day sleeping ... and EATING!

I did not complete my third day of the Ritual Cleanse, but I am not disappointed. Two days on a juice only diet was a huge attempt for me. My system does feel cleaner and lighter (now that I am hydrated again). I don't feel the need consume such a large amount of food in one meal like I did before. Too keep up with maintaining a healthy green diet I will start drinking a Naked Truth Green Machine Superfood Juice Smoothie every day. As for attempting a cleanse again ... I think only one day once a year is enough for me.