Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ritual Cleanse - Day 2 (almost there ...)

This morning I woke up totally refreshed from one of the best night's sleep I have had in a while! I felt light on my feet, clear headed and determined to take on my second day of the Ritual Cleanse.

Yesterday was not easy. The juices did not taste like I expected them to. I had a negative attitude with the first gulp of juice. The Boyfriend has been extremely skeptical. So, I expected today to be much harder because I knew what was ahead of me. Thanks to a lot of supportive tweets cheering me on and wanting to join in, I had a complete change of attitude and it kicked my willpower into gear.

Ritual Cleanse #4 ... spicy lemonade

The juices went down much easier today ... even the spicy lemonade. What was hard was seeing food around me. This morning my daughter had a crepe with caramel sauce for breakfast. Then she brought home leftover macaroni & cheese and chocolate cake from dinner with her grandparents. It is torture seeing my favorite comfort foods and not being able to eat any of them. I miss tasting different flavors or feeling the texture of different foods.

One more day of juice before I can enjoy eating again. I can't wait!