Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ritual Cleanse - Day 1 (2 more long days to go ...)

Since I went to Vegas at the end of January I have not been well. My asthma has been out of control causing fluid in my ears and sinuses to be out of control too. I have been going through rounds of prednisone, shots of cortisone, and changing inhalers to find anything that would work. The wheezing and coughing has forced me to miss a few Tuesday night hip hop classes (which I am not happy about). With my body being polluted with meds and not exercised regularly I have felt run down and ... well ... yucky. I figured that it is time to do some "Spring cleaning" with my body (the closet will have to wait a couple of weeks).

Stefanie from Ooph recommended Ritual Cleanse. Considering how fabulous she looks I figured that she wouldn't steer me wrong. The cleanse includes 6 freshly pressed 100% organic juices designed to drink throughout the day for maximum nutrient absorption. A single day of has more than 15 lbs of raw vegetables and fruit. My goal is not to lose weight (even though I really need to) and I am not looking for a miracle to cure my asthma. I simply want to clean out my system of the toxins and congestion.

Ritual Cleanse

This morning when I was leaving the house to take Princess D to school I discovered a a big green bag sitting on my doorstep. It was filled with 18 bottles of green and orange juices. Now, I have no problem drinking green juice (in fact I really like The Naked Truth Green Machine Superfood Juice Smoothie), but when I saw how much there was I realized that maybe I was a bit desperate when I agreed to 3 days.

The first juice went down easily thanks to my eager attitude. The second was not as easy since my urge to actually chew on something was kicking in. I snacked on some cucumber slices throughout the day to help keep me going. By juice #3 I was getting sick of the same overwhelming flavor of celery, spinach and kale. It was the fourth juice -- the "spicy lemonade" -- that almost made me quit. It gave me heartburn and I thought it wouldn't stay down. I welcomed back the green juice as my 5th for the day. It actually tasted better and got rid of the heartburn. I finished off the day with a sweet and filling juice.

So, I made it through my first day complaining A LOT. I do feel lighter on my feet and I am looking forward to a good night sleep. Tomorrow will probably be even harder since I now know what to expect, but I know I can do this!