Monday, April 18, 2011

REVIEW: RoseArt Color Blanks

Every time my daughter sees one of those ceramic figures you can paint she asks if she could get it. I have always said no because usually HER art project turns in to MY art project. I just can't justify spending the money on something she would do for 10 minutes before getting bored or accidentally breaking it. Then I received a RoseArt Color Blanks™ set ...

ready to color her blank

Princess D was really excited to decorate her blank animal! The set included a figurine, 3 permanent markets, 4 glue dots and a sheet of stickers. The figurine is a shatter proof plastic and a good size for small hands. The stickers can easily be changed if necessary, yet stick really well. I do wish that the markers were washable since little kids are not the neatest. If you want to use the glue dots for for anything (pompoms, felt pieces, etc.) you have to purchase them separately. Princess D did use some of her own glitter glue to jazz up her blank.

coloring her blank

As expected, Princess D didn't spend very much time designing her blank and asked me to finish it for her. Overall, she had fun and was proud of her little creation. I think kids who are very artistic would love RoseArt Color Blanks™.

not so blank any more

Right now when you purchase set of 3 Color Blanks™ for $19.95, plus shipping & handling, you will receive an additional set for free!


Bender/Helper Impact provided the RoseArt Color Blanks™ set. I was not asked to post about them or the product. All statements are my opinion and my opinion only.