Friday, November 21, 2008

NaBloPoMo 21: The Modern Day Glass Slipper

The other day my daughter said to me "Mama, I don't like my name." I was a bit surprised by this. She has always loved saying her name. I asked her "Well, what name would you wish you had?" She thought for a second and said "Princess Aurora."

As you can see we have been watching Sleeping Beauty a little too much. She likes to pretend that my dad is Prince Philip who saves her after she pricks her finger on a spinning wheel. We read Disney princess books and magazines, watch the Disney princess movies, watch Dora Saves [insert a princess in trouble]. It is cute, but the princess thing is a bit much.

I try to be constructive in explaining the message these princess stories are telling her. Such as, princesses are polite and respectful, princesses are brave and daring, princesses hangout with all kinds of people and love animals, princesses do chores, princesses are caring and giving (but not enablers), princesses don't need a prince to define them ... you get the idea.

She is a petite kid always in the 25 percentile (whatever the hell that means) and has always worn a clothing size a year smaller than she really is. But, recently she has gone through a growth spurt. I have a ton of gift cards saved up, so this past weekend I took her shopping. She gets very upset if she doesn't get to wear a dress. So, I have resorted to long sleeve dresses with leggings or tights. She has big feet for a kid her size and has officially out grown her Dora trainers and she can't wear flip flops to school. We headed over to the Nordstrom kids shoes section. The first few we picked out she wasn't too crazy about. Then she found the ultimate princess shoes:

step on the dot

What I liked about them is that they might be sparkly and a pretty pink, but they are Converse All Stars! There is a little bit of tough mixed with the princess in these shoes. They let her run, jump and climb like a kid should.

All Star

Now, if only they made them in adult sizes!


  1. Those are adorable! You guys found some awesome shoes!

  2. They do make them for adults!


  3. Those are the BEST SHOES EVER!

  4. Great looking shoes for Princess D, or is it Princess Aurora now. :-)

  5. I will say this - I LIVED in dresses till shoot, possibly 7 or 8!*(My Mom always tells the story where I wouldn't take OFF the dress with jingle bells sewn on the bottom for '3' days! or the tutu!)

    There is nothing like a skirt. I still love those fall days where I can wear one with tights and some boots...ahhh. It's different than the every day outfit - and embraces being a girl with or without your prince.

    Girls Rule.

    :) - cat

    *=notice my outfit with my mom in my profile. Jumper (aka skirt) with tights. Of course.

  6. Oh my gosh! Those are SO cute!