Wednesday, November 17, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 12

I was raised in the San Fernando Valley during the 80s when the "valley girl" trend came about. Without even realizing it until I got to university, I had the stereotypical "valley girl" accent. Common words in my vocabulary were (and still are) ...


"for sure"





After almost 20 years of not living in The Valley, my accent has gotten muddled (especially since I talk to a Brit every day). But, after a couple of glasses of wine you can hear that "valley girl" accent come out. I remember the first time I met The Boyfriend's family his younger cousins were fascinated with my accent because I sounded like I was straight out of a movie like Legally Blonde.

If you get me started on a topic I am passionate about you might have to tell me to slow down. Even my own parents have told me I talk to fast at times, that they can't understand me. I proactively tell clients to warn me if I start talking to fast during presentations. It is this reason I didn't take a job that required public speaking.

To make it worse my voice sounds childish. I can't stand hearing myself recorded. Miss is lucky that I am willing to do vlogs with her for 2 Hot Bloggers + a Bottle of Wine. I have had someone ask me on the phone if "my mommy is home". I don't sound like a mouse, I just sound young. This just adds to people thinking I am much younger than I really am.

Put of these things together ... I have a childish sounding, fast talking Valley Girl accent. It is not a trait I brag about. It is not a trait I get compliments on, like, ever.

Don't even asking me about my singing voice ...

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